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Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.

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Why become a Porta Beta Member?

  • Bounties & Rewards: You get first-call on rewards (tokens, airdrops, etc) and early access to bounties.
  • Special Access: You will get invited to exclusive events, a Beta Member-only Telegram channel, and behind-the-scenes calls with core team members.
  • Free Stuff: Who doesn’t like free stuff? …

Update from the Porta Team

  • Block explorer — the development team is making progress with version 1 and we should be sharing more on it soon
  • Porta Pass — is in early development phase and we will share more details on that over the coming weeks
  • Blockchain development — is making great…

  • Porta Network — create our blockchain that provides exceptional experiences for all users (in early development)
  • Porta Pass — manage your experience on the network (in early development)
  • Porta Connect — a one-click button that provides you access to a…

Q1 How many different DeFi projects run into liquidity problems, what liquidity model we will use to increase the token value?

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What is Porta?

Bibox Exchange Listing

Introduce yourself

Porta Network

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