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2 min readMar 3, 2022


We are adding appchains to our network to help developers build on Porta. This blog explains what an appchain is, its importance and what to look out for.

What is an Appchain is?

An appchain is the combination of a Decentralised Application, such as a smart contract, with the blockchain it runs on. This structure provides developers with the opportunity to focus on the creation of their smart contract or delve into the code of the parachain that is running it.

Alterations can be made to the underlying code to create performance improvements to the smart contract or to make new things possible that previously were not.

Why are Appchains Important?

Thanks to appchains Porta is opening up a new avenue of possibility. We are able to make interoperability and application optimisation possible while also being affordable — as affordability is key to growing the number of developers building on the network.

Appchain’s offer developers additional flexibility compared to smart contract development alone. Developers are not required to modify the parachain running its smart contract, so there is no increased complexity in the development process.

The developer can choose to make amendments to the parachain at any point of the product's lifecycle should they require access functionality beyond what is offered by the smart contract pallet.

Why Should Developers/Potential Partners Care?

Essentially we will provide projects with a prebuilt appchain if needed for them to get started, or they can bring their own chain and connect it and be up and running in a matter of minutes.

No auction is needed. We will also continue to develop tooling in our environment to make development and interoperability easier for developers and future partners.

What are the Components of an Appchain?

It will be adaptable to whatever functionality you need for your chain. Appchains are Substrate based so when you start with the base appchain provided by us you get it with smart contracts out of the box.

If you need something more bespoke, you are completely free to bring your own custom chain.

What are the Appchain Use Cases?

The appchain has many uses cases. It’s up to developers on what they want to focus on. Use cases can range from privacy to social to data sharing and much more.

If you have any questions regarding the appchain, please feel free to ask the dev team on Discord.

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