To the Porta Community

It is with great sadness that we wish to inform the Porta Community that we are no longer able to continue with the building of the Porta Network.

First, we wish to acknowledge and appreciate all the support we have received from our community, our developers, our investors, our team and everyone who has supported us. This decision did not come easy, trust that we looked at it from all possible angles.

The Reason

On 9th November 2021, the company was robbed of an amount totalling 600,000 USDT. The robbery was very well structured, looking back we wonder if we could have avoided it. The thieves disguised themselves as potential investors and requested a physical meeting with the team members.

They stole funds from the company wallet simply by having us in the same room with them. It was a very unfortunate incident and truthfully, we were grateful to get out physically unharmed.

Since then, we have been working very hard to sustain the company by cutting back on costs and working on raising more capital while trying to keep to our roadmap. Unfortunately, after many attempts to fundraise, we have reached the end of the rope.

As the CEO, I wish it could have been different. We had a very strong community and a good run. Thank you for the faith you have had in the project. Our community gave us strength and I am truly sorry.

Shane Benjamin.

Founder & CEO of Porta Network




Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.

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Porta Network

Porta Network

Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.

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