Quarterly Review Q3 2021

Blockchain Stats

At the time of writing:

  • Number of $KIAN holders — 9,328
  • Assets on testnet — 104
  • Speed of blockchain — 6-second block time

Marketing Stats

  • Twitter — from 10,0778 to 16,500 followers (an increase of 53.08%)
  • Telegram — from 12,236 to 15,013 members (an increase of 22.69%)
  • Reddit — from 7 to 3,300 members (an increase of 47,042.9%)
  • Discord — from a 8 to 1,805 members (an increase of 22,462.5%)

Product Update


We released Padlock, our testnet, which generated a great response from our developer community.

Roadmap Update

In order to deliver the full vision of Porta, updated the roadmap to bring the company vision into reality. You can view the live roadmap here.

Q4 2021

  • $KIAN Staking — allowing anyone to stake their $KIAN tokens to earn additional $KIAN tokens
  • NFT marketplace (Beta) — a seamless NFT experience for creators and collectors
  • Porta Ambassadors — create a global Porta ambassador network
  • Company Vision Update — sharing the next phase of the company and sharing details on the $KIAN to $PORTA conversion event

Q1 2022

  • Porta Mainnet — launch Porta mainnet
  • Porta Ecosystem Update — sharing the next phase of the Porta Ecosystem

Q2 2022

  • Token Conversion Event — $KIAN to $PORTA conversion, everyone will retain the same % ownership with $PORTA
  • NFT Marketplace Mainnet — marketplace moves to the Porta Mainnet
  • Portanaut — release of Porta’s NFT collection
  • Porta Station Exchange — to facilitate the exchange of coins within the Porta ecosystem
  • $PORTA Staking — allowing anyone to stake their $PORTA tokens to earn more rewards

Community Update

Our community grew with leaps and bounds in Q3:

Marketing Update

We had a number of initiatives over the quarter:

Huobi Pool

We announced our staking and validator partnership with Huobi Pool. Once we finalise the conversion of the $KIAN token to the $PORTA token, our partnership with Huobi will allow Huobi users to stake their $PORTA directly with them.

Ecosystem Grants

We launched Ecosystem Grants to help boost the development of the ecosystem. We announced the winner, EvidenZ and you can read more about the company here.


Also in Q3, the project launched airdrops to reward the community. Over 83,7000 submissions from the wider community all for the chance to win a share of 12,500 $KIAN that will be awarded to 250 community members.

Meme Contest

We also launched a meme contest to allow the Porta community to allow their creative skills to flourish.

Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.