Portanaut Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s day we asked the community members what they love most about Web 3.0 and Porta network.

See some of their great responses below:

What do you love about Web 3.0?

“That users always remain in control of their online data”


“Decentralization and no censorship”

“Web 3 comes with the solution to any problem that we used to face such as centralization of data🏢.

Web 3 is not to replace web 2, it’s an extension to web 2. Both web 2 and web 3 will be going to stay together🤝.

I believe in Web 3 not just the concept but also the project that is being made under web 3. It solves certain problems. If anything can solve the problem, it will gonna stay📈.

It’s pretty new, but has the potential to change the web for good cause”

“like new opportunities and new horizons”

“communities, decentralization idea, flat structures, life-changing possibilities, open-mind peoples”

“I like the fact that the idea itself is interesting, and in general decentralization is a sure step into the future”

“One of the most significant benefits of Web 3.0 is the transformation towards being able to access the data from anywhere and is mainly driven by the heavy usage of Smartphone and Cloud applications. The vision is to ensure the user can have access to information as much as possible from anywhere in the world”

“The increase in user utility by giving users more control over their content with the help of decentralised infrastructures”


“more personal responsibility and choice, more privacy, anti-monopoly network, multiple profit centers, no central point of control, data ownership, minimized possibility of data leaks, seamless access,”

“the fact that web 3 will allow us to monetize almost any of our actions”

“Elimination of middle men. Get rewarded for your content. Data is safer than ever“

“I saw all stages of development and transitions from web 1.0 to web 3.0. When the transition to web 2.0 was happening, I was very impressed that users themselves did not know for a long time what web 2.0 would eventually become :-) When it became clear that one of the key approaches of web 2.0 was to generate content by the users themselves — it was just a dump heads! Now the same thing is happening with web 3.0. And that’s exactly what I like! We are witnessing something truly amazing! A new era and how web 3.0 is changing the world! The ability to embed information in the blockchain, distribute payments — it’s amazing!”

“WEB 3.0 offers decentralization. That is, information must be stored separately on thousands and even millions of different machines, so that in the event of a hardware failure or an attempt to replace information, the original data is not lost.”

“The concept of Web 3.0 will probably return the rights to rightful authors and build a new economy.”

“I believe in Web 3 not just the concept but also the project that is being made under web 3. It solves certain problems. If anything can solve the problem, it will gonna stay”

“What I love the most is the fact that each web 3.0 user will be the owner of its own data. Data has been referred to multiple times as the new gold and that is a strong statement. Each web user will be empowered by new technologies such as Porta Network to own its data and have total control over his life on the web, without any loss in the amount of services that he can access online. That’s what excites me the most about web 3.0. “

“Whole new world of possibilities.”

What do you love about porta network

“Love that you have good and strong team and all members talk to community”

“Firstly, Porta is one of the few projects that adhere to its roadmap for the community, this is very important, every time the project is developing only forward, a very tolerant team helps in any matter, this is very important, because with the development of blockchain technology, not everyone behaves like the porta.network team”

“The responsiveness of the team, the desire to make the product even better and more interesting.”

“The Team, The Roadmap & The Vision. Loving The Porta Logo Too! Looking Very Clean :) ❤”

“Good community and friendly, Doxxed team, clarify roadmap , Porta network is potential in the future….Congratulation to the team !”

“Good community and friendly, Doxxed team, clarify roadmap , Porta network is potential in the future….Congratulation to the team !”

“The team strives to be successful and useful in the big blockchain space. This is very good, the main thing is development and does not stand still. At the moment, many projects do not do this, the team is developing in breadth, and this is very important and interesting”

“I like the team itself, that they hold such contests, and hold meetings with the community, many projects do not do this. It is also important for me that the team constantly develops and goes only forward, this is a very important aspect. The Portal command.Network does this, and monitors it. Thank You”

“I really love design and UX of your product, Also i love that Porta is cares about ecosystem growth and has a grants program for that. I also like being validator in testnet :)”

“Each sector-specific blockchain has its own “sub-token” that is pegged to the Dollar through a stablecoin liquidity pool.”

“Because I bought da dip! Haha.. seriously it’s adaptability. It’s a sign of good project. Adaptation is the key!”




Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.

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Porta Network

Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.

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