Porta Network Publishes Its Whitepaper

Porta Network
2 min readNov 18, 2021


Porta Network is excited to announce the release of its whitepaper. Anyone can download it via this link or read it here. Written by Robert Marshall, the whitepaper covers the project’s ecosystem, architecture, tokenomics and much more.

See the introduction below for a sample of the whitepaper.


One size fits all, but it doesn’t fit them well. Standalone blockchains that try to accommodate multiple industry technologies suffer from the trade-offs intrinsic to the configurations of those technologies.

Substrate’s relay chain architecture and Porta’s unique tokenomic design allow for scalability while alleviating the need for increased complexity, this keeps barriers to entry low and facilitates mass adoption.

Porta is able to utilise the Substrate framework’s core runtime pallets to enable the following features:


Relay chain Nominated Proof-Of-Stake utilising BABE and GHOST.

Runtime Upgrade

Runtime logic is stored on-chain as WebAssembly that can be overwritten.

Governance and Democracy

Council members, Technical Committee members and Community members form a decentralised autonomous organisation through the implementation of voting mechanisms.

Smart Contracts

Rust-based, Substrate smart contract pallet Ink!

Staking and Nomination

Relay chain validator nodes can stake PORTA tokens. All other token holders can use their PORTA tokens to nominate validators and share in their rewards.

Download the whitepaper via this link or read it in full here.

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