Porta Network Meme Competition Starts Now

We are thrilled to have you take part in our meme contest and would like to reward the creativity in our community through your participation.

🏆 Reward

The Best 5 will share the prize pool of 2500 worth of $KIAN.

⏰ Contest Duration

Sept 16th 12:00 BST ~ Sept 22nd 23:00 BST

❗❗ Meme Requirements, Terms & Conditions

🚀 All users are welcome to participate in the event.

🎨 Your creations can be in the form of graphics, GIFs, video clips, or whatever you think will get others pumped about Porta Network. The meme must be unique and funny.

Note: Do not use the images of other projects, No NSFW memes. Keep it family-friendly. No politics — let’s stay friends here.

To Qualify 👇👇👇

1. All participants must use the appropriate Hashtags and Cashtag

(#PortaNetwork #PortaNetworkMeme $KIAN)

2. Participants are required to fill the google submission form (FORM)


3. Participants are required to

📍 Follow our Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/portanetwork_/

📍 Post your meme on Twitter with #PortaNetworkMeme and tag @portanetwork_ and 3 persons

📍 Follow our Reddit channel: https://www.reddit.com/r/PortaOfficial/ And submit meme under the Meme Contest announcement comment section

📍 Join our Telegram chat: https://t.me/PortaNetwork

4. Your memes must show a cheerful spirit, say no to FUD.

Note: Every participant is allowed to post just one meme (Submit your best).

📌 Your content must acknowledge all local laws and regulations.

📌 Porta Network will not be responsible for any copyright infringement arising from the participant’s entries.

📌 By participating in this contest, you have agreed to give Porta Network the right to use, and/or display the participants’ memes without providing further compensation or notification to the participants.

Meme Winners Announcement and Reward distribution

We will announce the winners after the end of the contest and distribute their rewards shortly after.

Good luck!



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