Porta Ecosystem Grant Winner — EvidenZ

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2 min readSep 30, 2021

We are excited to announce the sole winner of the Porta Ecosystem Grant — EvidenZ! The team won the $15,000 USDT prize.

About the company

EvidenZ is a widely deployed blockchain certification framework in the higher education sector. Today, EvidenZ works with more than 110 institutions, in 18 countries over 4 continents.

EvidenZ allows to deploy registers on the blockchain for all types of high value data. It is intended to enable institutions, companies and universities to issue certified data over the long term, while respecting the regulations concerning personal data (GDPR, and especially the “right to be forgotten”).

It provides users with a direct and permanent access to data through a simple URL on which anyone can click for free.

The product is already being used by educational institutions such as York University and Waterloo University and many more insitutions. Plus it has established partnerships companies such as Binance, Mircosoft, Aleph and much more.

We look forward to working with the EvidenZ team and are glad to welcome them to the Porta Ecosystem.

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