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Porta Network
2 min readNov 24, 2021

Porta Network is the Layer-1 blockchain with a mission to bring Web3 to everyone. We believe that the internet can be more adaptable and seamless but we can’t do it alone. Join us on this mission and help us build a better future starting today.

Simply fill in this form to become a Porta Network Ambassador and start earning rewards.

Why Become a Porta Network Ambassador

  1. Help build the gateway to a Web3 world: work closely to bring the project’s vision to life.
  2. Earn rewards: receive $KIAN tokens for completing specific tasks. See rewards examples. In addition, each month we will announce top ambassadors and if you are one of them you will get additional rewards.
  3. Join the wider team: become a part of a growing community of web3 enthusiasts, builders and become a key contributor to the ecosystem.
  4. Get a sneak peek: give first-hand feedback to developers building the network.
  5. Expand your skills: gain web3 experience and new skills to help you in your career.

Who is Eligible?

Initially, the program is looking for:

  • Active community members — avid web3 enthusiasts (very active on Twitter, Reddit or Telegram), influencers, must be capable of promoting Porta within your group.
  • Content creators— love creating engaging content and helping others understand the web3 and crypto.
  • Product testers — able to test and share actionable feedback for upcoming releases.

Ambassador Expectations

Here are some examples:

  • Create engaging content. As the community grows across the globe, it will need more educational content, video content, fact sheets, documentation, and translation into a number of languages. Initially, we’re interested in Mandarin, Russian, Indian, Vietnamese, Turkish and many others.
  • Amplify Porta events and announcements.
  • Be a product tester for upcoming releases in the product roadmap.
  • Helping manage online communities in various languages, across a number of channels (Twitter, Telegram, WeChat, Reddit, etc.)
  • Participate in regular AMAs and bring new people to the community.
  • Complete tasks like translating content, creating memes, and help with building out our website among other things.

Interested? Be sure to apply now to join the Porta Network Ambassadors!

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