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2 min readJul 22, 2021

Why become a Porta Beta Member?

Becoming a Porta Beta member means you’ll have the chance, to participate in the next chapter of Web3. You will be able to contribute ideas and feedback to help deliver amazing experiences for everyone.

Also, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Bounties & Rewards: You get first-call on rewards (tokens, airdrops, etc) and early access to bounties.
  • Special Access: You will get invited to exclusive events, a Beta Member-only Telegram channel, and behind-the-scenes calls with core team members.
  • Free Stuff: Who doesn’t like free stuff? You’ll stand out with fresh and cool Porta swag, making you an extra-special member of the community.
  • Deepen your relationship with Porta: You will be working closely alongside some of the most passionate members in the Porta community while helping to build a better web for everyone.

What are the expectations?

  • Participate in beta testing new products and share feedback on upcoming initiatives.
  • Share feedback with the team via the Beta member-only Telegram channel.
  • Share ideas on how to improve the Porta ecosystem.

What are the requirements?

  • An active member of the Porta community (joined the Porta Telegram group).
  • Have a Telegram or Twitter account.

What is the process?

After we have a chat with you, we will onboard you to the Beta group and detail upcoming initiatives the team is working on and plus share future product releases.

How many members can join and what are the target locations?

Initially we are looking to bring on a maximum of 5 members, from any region of the world. We do have plans to increase members as we move towards the end of 2021.

What are the next steps?

Your first step is to fill out this application form. Once we receive your response, we’ll be in touch to walk you through the process.

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