Introducing — Robert Marshall

Introduce yourself?

My name is Robert Marshall and I am a Certified IT Operations Specialist with 9 years of experience as an Infrastructure Engineer. I have a keen interest in IT Security and professional development experience with Rust, Python, Java and VBA.

What is your role at Porta?

I work as a Rust Developer theorising new technologies and implementing them through the creation of custom pallets and smart contracts using Parity’s Substrate framework and Ink libraries.

Why Porta?

The Substrate framework Porta uses is a powerful technology that gives us the freedom to customise our ecosystem when we need to and the freedom to focus on developing business logic when we want to. The framework allows us to imagine products and bring them to market very quickly.

What’s next?

I am passionate to further my knowledge of Rust, the Substrate framework and the Crypto industry. While helping users enter the crypto world, I would also like to help onboard developers into the substrate ecosystem.

Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.