Introducing “Padlock” — Porta Network’s Testnet

What is in the “Padlock” release?

1. The Porta Blockchain

The blockchain that developers will use to build their applications and integrate with our network. Click here to get started with building your own project on the Porta Blockchain.

2. The Porta Wallet

An intuitive and well-designed wallet that anyone will use to interact with applications on the Porta blockchain. Will be released soon.

3. Portascan — The Porta Block Explorer

A simple interface that allows users to take a closer look into the blockchain and the transactions that go through the Porta Network. Click here to visit the Block Explorer.

How to Get Started

You can get started via available on Porta Docs.

  • How to request funds through Discord to begin using Padlock
  • How to create your own cryptocurrency
  • How to mint your own tokens
  • How to create a smart contract and load it onto Porta’s blockchain
  • How to interact with your smart contract
  • How to setup a validator node

For Developers

To help developers build on our blockchain, we have created technical documentation to help you build on our blockchain.

Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.