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5 min readMar 9, 2022

We held our monthly community conversations on 3rd March. This would be the last community conversations of the quarter. The main announcement of the conversations was the announcement of the mainnet launch date on 29th March. The rest can be found below:

CEO Remarks

So, what is an app chain is probably the question of the day. For many of those who have already read the white paper have probably noticed that the sector specific chains that we were talking about creating internally to Porta. We are going to be making those also available to other projects.

So for those who’ve seen it, we were going to be making defi chains, defi gaming, synthetic, any different type of chain you could think about creating a focus around, NFTs and so on. We’re going to be giving other projects and communities a base chain in order to build that on.

You would have your default smart contract settings, You can create your chain and then be able to launch your whole project on that. The reason why we’re making this available is because we’ve noticed in the market, there are certain projects that don’t need, for example, the ethereum underlying chain, but they end up using two different currencies in order to have the product function.

For example, Axie, they only need the Axie token, but in order to execute transactions, they still need to use ethereum plus Axie tokens to interact. It happens often on BNB and other blockchains as well. So our answer to that is to let these projects launch on an app chain. Where, their token or the coin now is the currency of that chain. And then, so they get adjust their transaction fees, they get to optimise the chain for their specific needs. As developers, they also get to build out their products in such a way and modify their chain, not having to think about all of the other types of projects that are trying to be deployed on that chain.

So for example, axie wants to launch their own app chain, they basically create that, they work on it the way they want it to function the best. They know that they need NFTs, they know they need fast transaction speeds. They know that they need cheap transactions and so on. They’ll be able to create their appchain, launch it on porta and then get all of those features and be able to tweak them.

And if they, if they’re interested, if they want, we could potentially tweak it for them, but we’ll just be giving them a base appchain for them to work with with either Ink or EVM. Or potentially both in the future. So that’s in development right now. The relay chain is still there.

In terms of the relay chain. The Testnet has been going super well so far. We’ve managed to fix a lot of different bugs and a lot of attack vector so far. We’ve seen some members who are try to test the testnet. Do a lot of different things, add themselves to the council, mint themselves, 1 billion porta tokens, vote themselves as the root member of the network so that they’ll be able to make any changes they wanted a network. We’ve seen so many different things happen during this testnet and that we learned from them. And now we’ve been able to cover, protect and fortify those vectors on the chain.

Which leads us to believe that we’re still in good time and we’re going to be on track for the mainnet launch. And I believe now might be a good time since this is going to be the only call we’re going to be having this month to tell you guys the dates. Cause we’ve noticed this, this has, this question has come up a lot in the chat.

So the date that we fixed to launch the mainnet is going to be the last Tuesday of the month on the 29th of March. So all of those I’ve been asking here’s your answer.

The 29th of March the mainnet will be there.

Marketing Updates

Awesome. Thank you, Shane explaining where we are in terms of app chain and sharing the good news with everyone in the chat today.

We’ve got the date of the 29th of March, we’re working towards pre-mainnet we’ll be looking into getting awareness around that particular launch over the 29th of March. I’m into some top publications from a prejudice perspective. Also we’ll be looking to collaborate with quite a few external community, crypto web 3 communities around AMAs, just to spread the awareness of what the project has done in terms since the last time we were engaging on that particular subject, but also kind of painted a picture of what is to come from a development standpoint.

As Shane has mentioned and just recently published a blog on app chains, I’ll share that in the chat and other channels as well. Appchain is definitely going to position us and really make us different in the marketplace and really help people, developers to get up to speed really quickly.

So we want to be able to share that because it’s incredibly important that we start to increase the number of developers who are building on top of our network. I think that’s going to be very important in the next coming months and years ahead. So really communicating to different communities and obviously making it easy for them to get up and running on Porta.

There’ll be a few interesting stuff coming up down the pipeline. But I don’t want to reveal those just as of yet. Post-mainnet, we’ll be looking to add even more partners to the network. As well as collaborating with influencers to review the project, I think it is important that we are expanding the profile of what we are doing in accordance with what we have available. Obviously getting to mainnet is a major milestone, really pushing out as much as possible is very key.

But once that is done and out the way we’ve got many more things coming down the road, Conversion as well as raising the profile with a number of marketing initiatives. For example, influencer marketing is definitely on my to do list for sure. As well as, doing some more giveaways to entice people to come to the network from a developer validator perspective and also everyday community members like yourself who dropped or not dropped on the call today as well.

So yeah, definitely got a really, really busy couple of weeks and months ahead as we go to mainnet and beyond that as well. And obviously I think it is important. I mentioned, like, the reason why we’re so focused on mainnet is that it unlocks a lot of possibilities for us as a network.

You can’t really have thousands of thousands developers building on the testnet only, you want to make sure that you have a mainnet, so people can deploy on their smart contracts and do really amazing stuff.

So yeah, definitely watch the space as we gear up towards mainnet and definitely after mainnet, as well as plenty of marketing stuff coming up the pipeline.

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