Community Conversations Recap: 30th September 2021

On Thursday 30th September 2021, we hosted our end of quarter Community Chat on Telegram. The key discussions from the live included:

  • Ecosystem Grants

Also 5 lucky winners walked away with 50 $KIAN tokens each. Here is a recap of the conversation.

Emmanuel’s update


“from a social media perspective, we had some really good growth for the community as everyone can see in telegram and on twitter and reddit as well.”

from a product perspective. Our testnet has been really helpful for the network and allowing 400 plus active validators just under 300 who are in a waiting list to become validators as well to on board and support the network as we gear up so many more releases.”

Meme Contest

“For energizing the community as some members have noted we’ve definitely seen a spike in activity with the meme contests. So just to let everyone who wasn’t aware, we announced the winners on Tuesday. We had over 10,000 submissions on memes. So, it was a really hard task to go through so many memes and see the creativity from the community. It is really fascinating to see what people cook up. There were a lot of interesting things and some really not safe for work things that were presented. But we eventually found our five winners as well as eight runner ups, who we rewarded our 50 $KIAN tokens as well. And then five winners got 500 tokens for their efforts and creativity for our particular contest.”


“Also today was the ending point for the airdrops that’s going to the 250 of our community members across the globe. Each of them will be getting 50 $KIAN tokens and we’ll be looking to do a couple more airdrops in the future. So if you missed out on this time, don’t worry, follow our telegram, follow our twitter and we will let you know when the next airdrop is coming.

We had over 60,000 submissions. Um, so B group, we’re going through the submissions for the airdrops and deciding which 250 community members were the lucky winners.”

Ecosystem Grant

“We want to build a vibrant ecosystem. So we had the ecosystem grants initiative to funds interesting projects that are looking to either connect with our blockchain or build on our blockchain. We are very fortunate today to announce the winners of the ecosystem grant; our first cohort ecosystem grant is Evidenz.

Essentially they are blockchain frameworks that help higher education institutions with certifications. They have some amazing partnerships with Binance, Microsoft as amazing universities. And they work with all of our 110 education institutions across the globe. A vast project that has had a lot of impact in a couple of years, which is in a really short time period. We loved that submission. And to be honest with you they stay stuck out the most among all the different submissions that came through and more importantly, they definitely a project that has a lot of room to grow. So that’s why we wanted to support them with the ecosystem grant. So congratulations to them. They won 15,000 USDT that goes towards their project. And we were looking to work with them over the next couple, months and years to come. Congratulations to Evidenz.”

Q3 to Q4

“In Q3 we had a lot of activity as everyone can see. We really do appreciate everyone’s support from the project and token perspective, the price appreciated a lot this quarter which obviously benefited quite a lot of you within the community.

We’ll look to get them more involved with all the activities that we’ve got planned for Q4. This is mainly around staking, and as we teased yesterday, the NFT marketplace. We really do appreciate everyone’s feedback on that. That was fantastic. We definitely got a lot more to look forward in Q4 and beyond”

CEO Update

Ecosystem Grant

I would just like to say congrats to the Evidenz team once again, thank you for applying your stuff looks great. I wish you all the best and as Emmanuel said we’re going to reach out to share all information later on and notice Thibaud is here in the chat. So shout out to Thibaud from Evidenz, you guys are doing a great job over there.

Next steps

I just want us to talk about were a few other things that we have in our pipeline. So our next steps, as you can see are we’re going to be working on the staking platform. And we’re also going to be working on an NFT platform, but this is just the beginning of what Porta is going to be building, what we’re working on. We’re definitely going to build out a clear, strong ecosystem into the Porta brand.

We’re starting off with Evidenz because we believe what they’re building is so good for the education aspect. And we believe that if we’re going to help the blockchain space grow, we’re going to accelerate the acceptance of web 3, education is an important place to go. So this is just the first step into getting into getting blockchain in front of the people at the earliest level and then transferring that information and allowing them to grow into that space.

Staking Platform

The staking platform is going to come out soon. I think we’ve already teased some things on telegram and on Twitter, that’s still in development. We know a lot of people are looking for that and a lot of people looking forward to that. So no worries we’re working on it. When it comes out, you would definitely be happy. We’re trying to make the platform as simple as possible to use.And we’re really trying to make it as efficient, intuitive. You know that we’ve been speaking about this for a long time. We’re all about design and user experience. That’s definitely something we’re working on and we’re trying to tailor that to you all, to make sure that you enjoy that experience.

NFT Platform

The next thing I’ll talk about does the NFT platform. So naturally you saw the original teaser. So first image as planned, that’s what we plan. There might be a few tweaks, but that’s mostly what the NFT platform main page is going to look like. So we’re really looking for artists. We’re really looking to get artists onto the platform and to make it once again, intuitive for everyone’s real was used and to be able to work with, we don’t want just those big Brand’s, those well known artists to jump onto the platform. We want to make it simple for them too, but we want to make it easy for new people that are joining the network and they’re coming into NFT space or people that are not yet used to that digital art, but they have that ambition that drive, that creativity and looking for a place to share that and to be able to generate revenue or to be able to make sales, or just be able to create that brand and put themselves out there.

That’s what we’re really trying to do with Porta. As you can seem about, we’ve also been asking what the name is, something that we’re working on as well, when a 100% sure what we’re going to go with, but it seems like for now the community is loving Porta NFT marketplace. We’re going to have to talk about it internally because that’s quite a long name, but we’ll see how it goes. We know that you guys love it. We’re really happy to see the turnouts and the reception that we’ve gotten about, the NFT marketplace so far. So that really looking strong

I can just talk about a few other functionalities we’re trying to put into the first version. We plan to bring out the NFT marketplace in MVP first, just so people possibly are able to test it out and give us feedback. And then once you roll out mainnet and we’re going to roll it out at the same time, more or less around a similar period after the conversion process. So that people can be directly able to buy, to acquired NFTs and to trade, buy, whatever they want to do on a platform.

We have some people ask them some specific functionalities. I can’t promise it will come in MVP. I believe there was some people are asking if we can do like direct NFT to NFT swaps. That is amazing functionality. We’ll be happy to bring that in. We’ll see how it goes technically and how soon we can make that available. But we’re just going to go with the base functionalities for the MVP which is the buy sell, and to auction off basically your NFT, if you want to do a direct sale auction, those are the things we’re trying to cover.

And then definitely the user experience is one of our primary focuses. So we don’t want to add 50,000 different functionalities. And then it’s just not usable, it’s not intuitive. So I pray that you can bear with us, like in terms of the developments and how we’re going to make that whole process come to be.

Q and A

1. how many validators will there be in the future? Is it worthwhile to be on the waiting list? And how many KIAN coins are needed to be a validator?

So in terms of the waiting list, as of right now, the waiting list is just basically, you’re waiting to become one of the 400 validators we have on the test net. Is it worthwhile to, we have validator? Well, I would say the possibility of joining the Testnet is probably worth it, but I think that’s more of a personal decision at that point. If you want to wait and try and get them to the list, if not then, imminence your next question, which is, um, how many $KIAN would be needed. So once we actually go to mainnet, we won’t be using a $KIAN. It’s going to be the $PORTA, and then you’ll be able to just stake the $PORTA are coined. This is still an internal discussion at this point, how many tokens you’re going to need to be able to stake. We want to make it accessible to everyone. So we’re still thinking maybe one-to-one hundred tokens to be able to stake. And then as, as anyone who’s already run a node, you would understand that the number of tokens doesn’t really matter, whether you become a validator or not, it’s mostly the quality of, um, the quality of your validation, which really, um, permits you toenter the validator list or not.

2. What’s the updated road map look like now?

Find the updated rodmap here —

3. will there be a deflationary impact on the Porta coin and how many tokens will there be in the future?

We really want to continue to be fair to the community. So if you were with us, how, whatever amount of tokens you’re holding right now in $KIAN, you’re going to be hold the same percentage of that, of the total circulating supply. So whether it’s going to be a one-to-one or one to 10, one to 100, one to five, whatever will be, you’re going to be holding the same value, same percentage of the total circulation. We’re not planning to deflate the token in any way.

4. How guys do you plan to send PORTA tokens to Kian HOLDERS ? will it be some snapshot and claim or something like this.

it’s going to actually be a bit more complicated than that because we’re going from one chain to the next. And our chain does not support solidity, for example. So we are most likely going to have to put in place some type of centralized internal system to do that conversion. But as I said, we’re going to release the information close to the date of the actual conversion, because it’s a bit more complicated than just simply saying it’s going to snap our fingers and it happens.

Just to add on to that. It’s not, it’s not just us posting a medium posts and say, okay, but done is a case that we’ve got to put, walk through information. So like walkthrough videos, and obviously probably have a conversation like this, about it, just so we let answer any problems or any concerns that people have to make sure everyone’s clear, what’s the steps to do to help them in that conversion event as well. So don’t worry. We’re not going to leave you in a dark.

5. How will current holders will benefit from the nft marketplace? will buyers and sellers pay commission that will be shared with holders?

we haven’t necessarily locked down, what percentage of the commissions get given to the community because we’re still in the early phase of building a product but it’s definitely something we’ll circle back as a team

6. how many people are in your team? (permanent / freelancer)

There are 5 permanent members on the team, who are listed on our website Once in a while we bring in freelancers when needed

7. Are there plans to expand the team? Add more devs? So we can accelerate delivering new products.

Yes, we do plan to expand the team, how we plan to expand the team That’s a bit of a secret right now, once things are in the right place. And when we’re ready to expand the team, you will definitely know that the team is expanding. So this is that internal conversation we’ll have, but right now, everyone in the chat, like people in the chat already knows what going on the community will know what’s going on later on. So yeah, just stay tuned. Don’t worry. They’re going to be a lot more faces on the website eventually for you also look at beautiful faces, like Emmanuel’s, Yvonne’s, Siamak. He just loves all the beautiful things. Cause he’s a beautiful person. When we are recruiting, we were definitely posted here on the community so that anyone who’s interested can apply.

8. What about adding more porta groups in different languages? Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish? We want to be adopted worldwide.

We are working on that right now. Actually one of our community members formed an unofficial Russian community. And what we are incorporating right now is that we want to encourage our community members to form unofficial group, which we can integrate with you guys later on. So if you’re from China, we have reformed them. Unofficially are going to support you once you form your community. That’s where our mind is right now. But in the long run, we do plan on making it global. To launch, either more content, localized content in various languages. We know we have a community in Asia. We have a community in Africa, we have a community in Europe. Everywhere. So we will integrate our content, localize our content in all regions.

And of course, one step at a time right now we are starting with unofficial communities. So there’s, if you could help assist us with that, we would highly appreciate.

9. Do you guys use CDN’s ?(it would be very good for nft market platform) If yes how about decentralized CDNs

Are we going to use IPFS for the blockchain. These are details that we’re just not ready to share with us yet. For now we’re just going to have to leave that blank. We’re going to come back to you when we have, when you’re ready to share the details on that, but we will, it’s an NFT platform. Our goal is a port is always to make things work the best possible way you could possibly work. We’re trying to set the bar high and set the standard high for the ecosystem. So we will do whatever is needed to make that quality be there. So let’s just leave it at that.

11. What kind of projects are developing on the porta chain? How many?

Currently we are working on the marketplace that is definitely being built on the chain. and there’s a few more of our projects that are being built. Um, can’t give the definite number for now, but as we gear up towards the mainnet, we’ll be looking to onboard a few more projects to build on us and utilize our, our blockchain to his fullest extent.

12. Any plans for launchpad for promising projects so that current holders can early participate and benefit?

We want to create a lot of products that are going to be functioning on a platform, but we want to create the core ones. So we can’t build every single product. So we really wanted to have other people and other developers to come on board and to join into build a quality product and a platform as well.

And if it makes sense for us to build it for the grand scheme of things like an ecosystem, we will build it because we really need to, and we’re going to try and clarify this in a vision statement, this isn’t hidden. What we’re really trying to do is create a perfect integration for all, for all the decentralized products, right.

Everything that you’re going to need, whether that be an exchange? Whaether that be a launchpad, whether that be lending platform, whatever it may be. We’re trying to build a place where we can integrate that. And then you just have like a one-stop shop for all of the quality products. So, but we don’t want it to be the only products we want to make, not like a third party solution as well, that can also integrate with the porta ecosystem.

So let’s see it this way. So apple iPhone has. But apple builds the platform, but they also build some apps in their ecosystem as well. So they build a health app, they build a clock app, they build the camera app because these are the things that they do best.

So that’s what we’re going to do. We want to build a platform and then build the applications that will, that are like core and essential to our, to our community. And then just bring on a whole bunch of other people to build all the rest of the stuff, to a high quality or highest standard as well.

But if we do sense. We do build a platform. We get to choose if that product is too high enough standard, that it gets integrated. And that also permits us to provide great service and to provide protection security to the community. And so that’s what we’re trying to be at this point. We don’t want to build everything.

We want to build the important things and then find other people that want to help build all of the other important things on the outside. If at some point that becomes something that is important to becoming a team we believe should be done to the highest level. We will take on that role. But if not, if there’s someone else doing it, not that that’s perfectly, that’s doing a great, we’re going to encourage those people to come and join the platform and do it with us.

13. Will the video be uploaded to Youtube later?

Find the Youtube video here

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