Community Conversations Recap: 2nd September 2021

On Thursday 2nd September 2021, we hosted our Bimonthly Community Chat on Telegram. The key discussions from the lie included:

  • Validator Rewards

As always, 3 lucky winners walked away with 500 $KIAN tokens each. Here is a recap of the conversation.

Emmanuel’s Update


We have about 400 people on a waiting list to become validators. So we are experiencing quite a stellar growth when it comes to people spending on the network. Obviously that’s really good for us. It’s really impressive.

Ecosystem Grants. So ecosystem grants are basically between two to four grant awards. So grant awards will be either a 10,000 USDT or 15,000 USDT for any Rust Built projects that want to connect to our blockchain or any projects that are Rustbuit that wants to build on top of our blockchain.

Discord: The growth of our discord. I’m not sure if anyone from telegram has migrated over to discord, it’s been growing quite steadily. We literally started with maybe like two people a couple of weeks ago, and now, went over 1,450 people. A significant majority of those are developers. So lots of interests have come through.In regards to, you know, people asking questions about testnets, I’m obviously looking at participants in building but alongside the team and obviously beyond that as well.

Beta Program: We have added a few more people to our beta program.

CEO Update

Q3: Q3 has been a bit of a push for us to be honest, but we got Testnet out there without having whole validator testing that’s happening. The rewards program is going super well. As you can hear, from what Emmanuel said, it exploded over such a short period of time.

Validators: The following week, we probably had 40 validators. And then within 48 hours, we had well over 400. We had about 700 people that signed up to the validator program, which is just amazing. We were honestly not expecting such a great turnout and we really appreciate if there is anyone here running the validator node, we really appreciate your interaction with our community and to just be, this is your community.

BlockChain: We’re not just trying to build the next blockchain. We’re trying to build the blockchain that will be used for everyone. And we know that we’re smart. We’re smarter right now, but thanks to you and everyone in the community.

Twitter: We are over the 11,000 mark in Twitter a couple of hours ago. So we really appreciate all your interaction and the pushing and all of that.

Future Plans:

As Emmanuel said, we also have, um, some ideas with NFTs. That’s going to be coming out real soon, and we really want you to be looking out for that.

We plan to roll this out as soon as possible. We also are working on a staking platform as well for you all. And so that finally, you will be able to put those kian tokens that you’re holding up for a good use. I noticed that someone had a question about APY there. We’ll get to that, like in the question section.

Q and A

Porta Is Kianite?

Yes. Kianite rebranded to Porta to align with our vision.

When Porta Will Launch Blockchain?

We launched Porta testnet in August and mainnet is expected to launch in Q4 2021.

Apy % of staking?

This will be disclosed after staking launch.

How Does The Blockchain System Work In Porta?

Our blockchain is actually substrate based. So we use polkadot’s substrate platform, along with frames and pallets.This will allow us to build in new pallets as we move along. So as opposed to having to have a hard fork or something like that, we can just do an upgrade of the chain. That’s one of the advantages to using that.

It would be nice to have an exchange at the same time as the mainnet. What do you think? Because the volume needs to grow. What are your thoughts on Metaverse?

In terms of volumes, we are soon launching staking and we have airdrops coming as well. We will be announcing Listings as they come along.

Our thoughts on Metaverse, it’s pretty interesting.It’s such a broad space at this point, because it’s not really clear what direction is going to take, you have some big players betting heavily on the metaverse space, but it has been around forever. The future for the metaverse looks really bright.

Are you thinking of collaborating with Elrond?

Thank you for the suggestion, we will research on them and see how we can approach them

What marketing plans are in the pipeline to reach the mass?

We have a mainnet launch package and promotions around mainnet. Listing in bigger exchanges. Influencer marketing. Press Coverage.

Can I Promote Porta On Telegram Groups, Twitter And Other Social Media?

Yes please

Did you think about a referral program?

Yes, that is in the pipeline

Please create a Telegram group for Porta Indonesia?

Thank you for the suggestion, we will take this into consideration

Will you introduce a program for ambassadors?

Currently we have the super fan and beta portal. We are thinking of other ambassador portals we can use. All suggestions are welcome.

Are there plans for building a bridge for other blockchains? Open Interoperability is the Future

We’re not an EVM compatible platform. So if we were to interoperate with any other projects, it will most likely be some other substrate based projects. So that would be non EVM compatible or non EVM focused. That would probably be something like edge.

What about backing investors? Maybe you are expecting new backing from some famous Funds?

We have that in mind. We were not going to go into too much detail, but we do have a few ideas around that. So whether we take it directly to the community or we go to some bigger funds and potentially add. Let’s just say that we are looking into some strong partnerships with potentially some funds that have capital or some other projects that could see value when working with us. So definitely, we are looking for people for the long term, as you said, no grasshoppers.

How fast is your team expanding, and in which areas?

So for now we put a pause on the team growth and we’re just focusing on building at this point.

Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.