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On Thursday 28th October 2021, we hosted Halloween special Community Chat on Telegram. The key discussions from the live included:

  • New Porta structure
  • Staking

Also 5 lucky winners walked away with 50 $KIAN tokens each. Here is a recap of the conversation.

The new structure

Shane: With the New Porta of structure, what we’re actually going to be working on is creating a relay chain with sector specific parachains. The reason for this is what we’ve noticed in a current crypto space is that you have a lot of different chains, but none of them are truly sector specific or focused on a specific area. So we know that there will be advantages to having a chain that is built specifically for a sector like gaming defy, especially NFTs as we gearing up for the marketplace.

So if you’re going to think about it right now in the NFT space, if you go Ethereum and you run your NFTs, its pretty expensive because Ethereum is expensive and gas fees on Ethereum are incredible.

So people are generally starting to move towards different, different blockchains to be able to have that similar experience. So if you look at the open sea, they now accept polygon As a form of payment and also as a blockchain where you can deploy NFTs. Ethereum is starting to become more and more complicated to possibly get that as a great use case for the NFT market.

So when we approach a space, we are not just thinking about NFTS, but we’re thinking about the whole industry, like new industries that will possibly develop in the future. So when you think about gaming, Metaverses and play to earn games, we can see a similar issue happening with Axie in terms of their tokenomics.

So axie used to be around 5 cents whivh was a lot cheaper than right now. You could spend maybe a hundred dollars and you can play. Now one token is over a hundred dollars and makes it a bit more complicated to get into the game.

So they had to create a whole bunch of new side systems, which are great. But if you really think about the structure. Because due to gas due to appreciation of the assets and so on, just makes it very complicated to get them to this space.

So we’ve planned to answer that issue by trying to get these talking stable on a separate chain.

So we believe that this can answer a lot of different problems.

Emamnuel: Yeah, absolutely. It’s about, you know, really thinking or how do we create a whole ecosystem that is inclusive. That’s also scalable as well. Cause as we deliver our roadmap and more people get interested in our project. That’s going to lead to appreciation and price as well. So we will have to accommodate that. But whilst also giving people the opportunity to participate in the ecosystem, we don’t want a situation where it costs, NFT artists, hundreds of dollars or hundreds of dollars in terms of value of our token, just to mint an NFT.I think that would be kind of ridiculous and redundant. It basically limits your audience. especially when nowadays I think in most countries transaction fees are quite easy to manage, but if we try to bring people from, you know, the old way of doing things that is new web 3 way of doing things, we’ve got to make sure like the cost of doing those transactions are very easy to manage and also cost effective for lots of people. Not just everyone who’s a creative right now, Exactly.

Shane: So we’re not thinking we’re not only taking, thinking about the current 100 million people in crypto, but we are thinking about the next 100 million who are coming to crypto and then potentially getting that to the next 1 billion that are coming to crypto. So when we think about that, we have to think about it as a whole, like, what is the blockchain space going to look like 10, 20. 30 years from now, what is web three going to look like? And how can we get to that place now with like the least amount of value being lost in the least amount of effort, basically.

So the new structure gives us the advantage of creating and just to touch on it a bit. If you look at current space, Polkadot for example, there are a lot of chains being built around specific sectors, but when you think about it, they all end up doing similar things. We look at some other projects that are focusing on defi space, but then now they’re like four or five defi focus chains that are replicating a lot of the similar projects and other similar products.

So we plan, we’re trying to hedge against that, by optimizing each chain for their needs. So if there are some fully NFT chains out there that people that haven’t really grasped the market yet, but are definitely moving up. Dapper labs is doing a great job. Um, but we believe that in the future, we’re going to need all of these things to Interact cohesively in an environment and by using a relay chain and then creating all of the subsequent side chains that I needed to develop each ecosystem. So once again, if a new market spins up tomorrow we plan to have an agnostic chain where people can come and they can build and they can test.

Even if we don’t have a chain for social, you can come in and test a social app on the agnostic chain. You can test spaces that are not really prevalent just yet.

I’m just thinking, Consider spending up a whole side chain that can possibly build on an agnostic chain, like social as just like one of the examples, probably think of something later on, I’ll just throw it in there. You can build an agnostic chain and then that eventually could become its own side chain.

And then we’re also thinking about stabilizing the side chain, to make it easier. So you don’t have to worry about inflation. You don’t have to worry about depreciation. You just know what I, whenever you buy it, it’s just going to stay at that same price.

And then if you’re buying NFTs, you just can set a fixed price of whatever the token is, an NFTs and then always get that same amount.. That goes back to what we’re saying. Trying to make it easy to manage for everybody. Um, could you, I know one more point. I know a lot of people when initially sort of structure, they were like, oh, para chain is like, oh, we’re trying to be like polkadot.

Uh, so there’s a lot added. It’s not just been in the community as well, but also in our discord on Twitter as well. I think we were messaging you about it, Shane. Like what would you have to say when people say we are trying to be polkadot. we are using polkadot technology. But we’re taking a different approach to it.

So polka dot, they have a system where, the site changed, who would auction when they auction off slots into their ecosystem. But we feel like there could be some weaknesses or some difficulties.I feel like this could possibly be some difficulties in a future where this is concerned because if a side chain comes in. And our whole premise and their whole solution is built on something that they’re not sure to have next year. I think it’s a bit of a problem for like their business model. So that’s just some of our thoughts. I don’t know what you think about.

Yeah, it just goes back to planning, right? It’s like, you know, if you have to deal with, you know, constant devotions and the possibility you might get kicked out, I think, especially after you pony up all that amount, that can be quite counterproductive, but I could see why they went with that structure.

For us, like, we’ve want to make it a lot easier for projects that connect to us. Um, as we connect to different, I think we mentioned internally about the possibility of doing in the future. Um, and I think that stuff. We’ll be open to at least exploring and making it a lot easier if we were to connect to other chains as well, because we trying to offer the best experience as possible.

Um, and I’m doing it in the most convenient way for obviously developers as well, as well as obviously trying to look for the best experience for you all in the community. Yep. 100%. So we’re thinking about it. We’re definitely not going down the auctions route because we don’t think that’s the best best way to go to take on communities. But there are ideas in a future where we could possibly rent a spot to like another project. So are not a para chain. That’s also built on Kusama and polka dot possibly come over and. And just connect that side chain to the Porta, the Porta relay chain, and then expand that ecosystem.

We build out the interaction between that. So that’s something we’re having a conversation and internally don’t quote me don’t um, go and publish that. Like don’t write a blog, said that Shane said X, Y, or Z. So this is just some ideas and we’ll be happy to get your, your feedback though and tell them, let us know what you think about us possibly doing that.

Would that be something that you want us to open up to a create, uh, create an option for these other parachains that already building over there to come and connect with us. So drop you that drop in QA later on.

Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Nice. I think we’ve touched on everything or I don’t know if there’s anything else that you want to talk about. I think the structure you come at it, I don’t think just to echo, you know, um, the benefits of it. All right. It’s like, you know, we will try to make it easier for developers to build on it.

None of the structure. Perfectly for that as well. Um, and I know there’s a few people for that spot you validate is in here as well. I’ve asked questions about what does that mean for them? And obviously we look into Partner with different validators down the road.

So that’s been an interesting, interesting couple of days, his research and figure out who we could partner up with validators as well as that that’d be really interesting. Every more importantly for community is really a tokenomics we have in place is really going to help. Make sure that you guys participate in the growth of the network, but also be able to participate in a network as well.

Um, you don’t want a situation where the token appreciates. I know some people, some people will be happy if the token gets to 10,000. Uh, but that could cause problems. If we don’t have the right systems. So make it easy to do transactions, the different aspects on different parts of our network as well.

So I figured it was very important. We keep that, keep that in mind as well. So, yeah. Interesting. It’s really interesting. Point it out on Friday and the response, uh, say obviously thanks to everyone for the feedback and suggestions and, uh, interesting comparisons that was made where we published the new structure.

Yeah, definitely love the response. Um, I think the whole ecosystem felt a response on Friday, we definitely weren’t expecting what happened on Friday to be received. So yeah, once again, thank you for the community and thank you for sharing that with everyone else. And we’re really happy to see that you guys believe in a vision and that shoe you like where we’re taking this project and you’re all coming along with us and making it possible.

So thank you.


Emmanuel: It’s been an interesting time with that. Like literally as I speak, we have a beta group, so there’s a select couple of members within our community who are part of our beta group. And essentially our beta group is a group of people, some developers, some people who are crypto enthusiasts and are basically like testing, trying to break our products before releasing them to you. So we kicked that off on Wednesday and literally have some really good submissions and suggestions from the beta group.

So we are also going to do some internal testing as well. And once we’ve done that, we’ll come back With you guys with a launch date. I’m not going to spoil the surprise around the launch date because we’ll probably get some questions about that in a minute.Staking is on schedule.

We’ll be in a position to announce our launch dates around early November. Literally stick, stick with us, be patient with us. We want to make sure we have the right platform for you guys. And the general feedback has been, it’s very easy to use.

Very, I have to tip my hat to Siamak who’s our main designer. He’s definitely out done himself again with the staking platform. It looks really nice. As you guys have seen with the screenshots you shared. It looks really nice. So we just do some last final bits of testing and then we’ll launch.

We’ll let you know the launch date so you guys can go crazy with that one as well. Definitely. I hope you’re ready. We’re still opening. We’re still open to receiving it. Like what do you guys think in terms of APR? We are going to be fair.So in terms of APR, we’re going to be, we’re going to definitely be generous.

Some people are asking, actually asking us for longer staking periods. So first, we’re thinking some short campaigns, maybe like two weeks or so. But the fee, the sentiment has been like, yeah, we want longer staking periods. I don’t know, maybe a month, two months, three months. So, yeah. Yeah. But yeah, if anyone has any ideas about that, please do.when we open up for questions, offer their feedback or say in a chat, just let us know what, what what’s, what sort of, um, dates you have in mind? Cause it’s very hard to accommodate because like when we did some initial research ourselves, we all fought maybe 14 days would be great. But like you said, Shane it really depends on each person.

So please don’t hesitate to share what sort of durations you guys are looking for with the staking as well. Cause we have that flexibility on the back end offer many as many different pauses. And then also, how big do you guys want to pools to be? Yeah, cause we’ve been having this conversation internally.

I’m just like I think everyone’s a small pool. I don’t know how many people would actually want to get into such a large pool. Emmanuel is like, I think people want a much bigger pool. So we’re still having that. So I’m thinking smaller, maybe better because the people, I just, probably not, I’m not one to get into the really big thing is Emmanuel is like bigger is better.

So I just think that’s just his view on life, you know? So we’re definitely open feedback on that. Like, I don’t know. Go ahead. Tell them why you think bigger is better. Yeah, absolutely. I think obviously like you guys support, um, we have the huobi partnership announcement. You guys support around us getting to 10,000 holders of KIAN . So honestly, thank you about that as well. Uh, cause if we had a massive. Massive jump of that over the last couple of months in terms of holders. So it leads me to make a few projections that when we do announce staking there is going to be a lot of demands. On top of that. We’ve got a lot of marketing push after staking.

Cause I think someone, I’m not sure if it’s the super fans or in the trading group. I think Is happened to mention it actually. There’s been a lot of appreciation in the token price. I think the most important thing is one we want to reward holders and investors in the token.

I’ve been, we’ve definitely rewarded our community with the air drops, the giveaways, the name of the mascots, as well as our developer community, you’ve got the validators, we get weekly rules for running nodes and helping us with some development tasks as well.

now we’re shifting our focus to really reward the holders of the token as well. But many of you for many months as well during the quiet times, we remember July. It was rough during the quiet times, shout out the number of people who are in the chat right now, Chef.Johan, Is, Ash, Vadra as well. Pedro. Some people change their names as well, so I don’t recognize you and if you know you are an OG. Pat yourself on the back. Thank you. Because I just part, we can’t recognize.

People supporting us through those times we want to obviously reward them with staking. Thank you for the support and a network as well. I must be as we start to accelerate with our roadmap. definitely looking forward to launching that game feedback as we start to push that.

And once we’ve. But I know there’s been a constant question of why we’re not doing more marketing. We want to make sure staking is in place reward investors or holders. As you’re doing staking now is we’re going to get some feedback from you lot. And once we hit mainnet, we will do staking for that as well. Your feedback and input would definitely go towards improving Porta staking experience. Once we do mainnet and conversion in 2022. So I think it’s definitely important to get that out the way, at least for now, when it comes to staking. So yeah, definitely. We’re all excited. We have a couple of internal bets about how big it will be. I really hope everyone comes out to show out as support us when it comes to staging.

We want to reward you all. We want to reward you off being a part of the community.

Q and A

Dear Team when can we expect Kian to be listed on Big Exchanges like coinbase, Binance and specially on Indian Exchanges

We have recently had a lot of trading volume which has definitely helped us with our conversations with exchanges. We are in advance stage talks with some top 10 exchanges. We have to go through the due process and we will keep everyone updated with our progress.

For the likes of Coinbase, Binance. I don’t feel that’s coming anytime soon. Purely because like, it takes a while for projects like us to list on those exchanges, but it’s definitely on our roadmap of exchanges.

We are working diligently to make sure that we are listed in exchanges to make it easy for people to, to, buy the token holder stake now and in the future as well.

As we launched mainnet that will increase volume, we add more utility. It’ll make it a lot easier for us to get listed on these exchanges. The issue is basically volume. If you really think about it, once let’s say we get to 10 million in volume as then stable at 10 million in volume.

I think that we can start having a chat with some of these, like the exchanges you mentioned, maybe like Binance or Coinbase,but maybe like Huobi, we actually already, we’re already involved with them in some way. I know a lot of people have addressed it before.

But that doesn’t automatically make us listed. maybe it makes it easier to start the conversation, but that doesn’t automatically get you to the top of the pool.

And there’s a lot of stuff happening in different areas of the world right now, in terms of crypto, that are slowing down certain processes in terms of listing and so on. If you have been following the news, if you look at what’s happening in Asia, also what’s happening on also on the USs side is just making things a bit more complicated and we’re trying to navigate that.

So bear with us we are still in conversations, with a lot of exchanges. We’re moving towards that. We’re going to get things done, especially with your help. What has gotten us here is, has always been your support. So if you continue to support us and we can find more people to continue to support us, we’re eventually going to get there and you’re all going to get rewarded for that.

And if there’s anyone in India let us know how big the crypto space is and how big the exchanges are over there. And maybe we can have a look.

Actually part of our Q4 plans is to do a lot of localization while working with the community, to reach specific regions.

We recently had someone telling us they want us to have an Arabian community, which we have formed. We have the Chinese community and we have the Russian community. So if you have suggestions on how to tap into the Indian market. We are very open and please do reach out to either of us.

Dear Team i would recommend doing a Little Airdrop on CMC … It will help reach so many people and Kian will come into spotlight in this q4 itself?

We did an airdrop pretty recently and it was really successful in terms of raising awareness about what we’re doing. I have asked about CMC airdrops, they can be quite a lot to handle. So there’s something about finding the right time for something like that.

I think it’s definitely important. Maybe when we do mainnet. They’re a lot more responsive now on their side. I know for a couple of months it was hard to get through but thanks to the community they are a lot responsive now. For Q4, we’ve got a lot of stuff coming, so we want to make sure we get out of the way before we do, um, any additional.

But you never know. We might end the Christmas period. We were even big air drop spoiler, maybe a gift or two or three. We never know. So question space.

Staking for much longer?

Please let us know how much longer you would like

When are we getting listed on a new exchange?

I’m not going to give exact dates, but we should be getting confirmation really soon from a really big exchange, in fact it’s a top 10 exchange on both coingecko and CMC. So I think it’s a pretty big number, everyone recognizes, but we are just going to make sure we go through the process, they’re happy with it, with everything because we’ve actually done literally for the last week or two, we put together all the material filled out a form sent over everything.

So we are literally waiting for them to basically come back to us and say, everything’s fine. And they’ll let us know like a launch date. And obviously we’ll inform everyone. When that happens.

Obviously we do a lot of promo and, uh, it’s a name everyone recognizes. That’s what I’m going to say. We are waiting to hear back from them really soon.

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