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On Thursday 18th November 2021, we hosted a staking community conversations on Telegram. The key discussions from the live included:

  • Whitepaper
  • Nft Marketplace
  • Relay Chain Network
  • Ambassador Program
  • Exchange Listing
  • Launching Staking


Shane: So we finally launched a white paper for those who didn’t fully understand the project and who don’t really know what we’re building. You can find all of the information that you need in the whitepaper now, which is on our website. You can go over to, and you can find it right now. Or if you’re interested in like some light reading, you want to download a PDF, put in your Kindle or something like that. You can go ahead and download the PDF on the website as well.

So once again, this is not light reading. This is mostly technical and really explaining in morea detail what our vision is and what we’re working towards and what will be the possibilities of the porta network. So it’s going to cover things like our tokenomics, our technological structure, our ability to integrate with other platforms and all of the different in all these different questions that you might have.

NFT Marketplace

Emmanuel: We’ve published a white paper, as Shane quite rightly said, which is a massive undertaking, it kind of outlines what we’re going to do next.

For us, we have to reassess how do we pay attention or really allocate our time or resources to releasing the right things in the right time. So with the NFT market place, we made a decision to postpone it to next year. The reason is that we’ve got a lot of stuff to do to get us to mainnet. The white paper kind of outlines that we are doing a relay chain.

So associated with kind of tease or what will that, what that will look like going forward. That doesn’t mean that we’re saying no to NFTs. Absolutely not. Which is the case that we’ve got to really focus on delivering on the core fundamentals of what the network is going to be, and we need to, we need to dedicate that towards the relay chain, parachain, and obviously leading up to mainnet.

Cause I know a lot of you have been asking about mainnet and we obviously want to build up the towards that are in Q1 next year as well. NFT marketplace has been pushed Q2 next year with the main focus leading up to mainnet.

So don’t you worry? We’ve got plenty of people we engage with about NFT marketplace. We have got a list of artists want to collaborate with going forward future for sustainability of the project.

Relay Chain Network

Shane: We are going to be launching our relay chain network very soon. So that’s going to be in the next week or two weeks, that is going to be coming out. So all the people that were in validator program that are more or less sad about the Testnet going down, that it’s a sacrifice that we had to make. And then after bring on something even better. We tear on the old and we bring in the new and that’s what we’re going to do with the relay chain test that we’re going to be setting up soon.

That also opens us up to a lot of other opportunities to finally being able to collaborate with other parachain projects that are probably targeting Kusama and Polkadot. We have plans to reach out to them and then have some conversations with them and see how they can integrate with us. On top of us actually providing our sector specific chain.

Seeing as how we have the technology, we have those openings, you look into the white paper, you can see how we are actually processing, structuring those projects into our platform and into, into the ecosystem so that you all can benefit from it.

There’s a lot of possibilities, a lot of opportunities in that space. And just to go back to what Emmanuel said, this is the reason why we’re postponing NFT marketplace, simply because we want to make sure that this goes well so that we can build out the ecosystem. And then you have other things in other platforms and other projects that you can test and use while we’re on that platform. And we also have to think about the fact that we have that whole conversion event that also needs to happen, which is going to be pretty complicated to say the least right.

So taking all of that into account, and we decided as a team that it would be best to focus on making sure that this goes smoothly, perfectly well to ensure that does no loss, no damage, any of that thing, any of any sorts of things around that.

And to ensure that once we get to mainnet, that it keeps running, right, we want everything to be safe. So we prioritize safety and security over product release on this point. But don’t believe as Emmanuel said its still coming. We have a lot of stuff in store for ready, started reaching out to people who already started con opened up conversations around that.

And we’re going to be building it. We still have, as you’ve be shown the tease, the design and so on. So that stuff is there. The basis is that it’s just that we’re not going to focus and push that all the way through right now. We’re going to push it off to later to make sure that once we get to mainnet everyone has their tokens. Everyone is safe. Everyone can run nodes, we have all of our key validators as are probably validating our other primary main metrics as well. That’d be able to help us out. So that’s, that’s where we’re at in terms of the test net.

We technologically, so we have white paper, testnet that if you have any questions, you can just refer to those documentation should be dropping by the end of this week or early next week. And then all of you, people are all of the people that are interested in that can go ahead and check that out.

Ambassador Program

Yvonne: Okay. So we launched the super fan and the beta program earlier in Q3 in around July, August. And so far, it’s been super successful. I mean, uh, the community members from the super fan and the beta program have been nothing but amazing, like shouting out to Ash chef Is of course a Vadra. Even in the discord, in the technical community where we had someone like Nodesguru righting dos and developing a faucet for us.

So we’ve had a really good community. And as we always say in crypto the backbone of any crypto projects, including Bitcoin of course, has been community. So, and of late, you’ve been getting a lot of growth. We’ve been expanding exponentially, especially over the past couple of weeks.

And we want to expand. We have received a lot of interest from other members saying “I want to be a super fan. I want to be on the beta to program, I want to do more” from members of the community, reaching out to us and saying they want us to be to participate more on Porta.

So we we discussed it internally based on the requests that you gave us and we want to merge all the programs that we have instead of creating another and another and another and create an ambassador program. With the Superfan program it was based on merit and beta program was for people wanted to test our products before launch. Now we want to take everything and put it all together and arrange it. If you want to be an active member, like, you know, the amazing chef and Is, if you want to do like more on the dev side, like nodes guru, if you want to be beta tester like Ash. We will be able to accomodate all that.

Emmanuel: As you want to say, it means it’s been amazing. You guys not only promote what we doing, but also like, you know, you ask so many great questions and give some really helpful feedback. I know from beta testers, they were stress-testing, the stacking platform for a couple of weeks and they have some good, good feedback, good criticisms, but it was really helpful to get the staking platform to where it is.

In terms of what the program it would look like. We definitely looking for people who wants to obviously create content. Explaining, helping people introducing people to the porta ecosystem. So that’s one pillar. Another pillar is obviously as we, as you’ve already alluded to product testers, so really making sure we are accommodating people who we need to test products before they’re released to the wider network for that’d be extremely helpful.

As well as, uh, you’ve got people who are community members who are very active community members. We want to include those in the, in the ambassador program to make sure that, you know, you’re representing the community, you provided help, whether it’s a telegram, discord, twitter as well. Initially we’re going to be launching to a certain number of members, but it will be definitely be global.

We want to make sure we are tapping into different global markets as well. And we really do appreciate everyone coming forward suggesting they want to run their own community in own language. So shout out to the Russia community Mandarin community, the Turkish community, you guys are going wild we see you a lot. We want to make sure we build that global imprint.

We look forward to supporting people who are looking to support us from a community perspective. You guys make our lives so much easier. And the feedback we get from you guys is incredibly valuable to the project and we wouldn’t be here without you guys as well. So definitely we want to equip you guys the most. This is launching come early December. The form would be out. So I’m literally working on it after you finish the session. So the form will be out like early December, so people will be able to apply for that. And we look forward to everyone submissions for the ambassador program

Shane: So as you can see, we’re just going to roll everything into one at this point. So the ambassador program. I know everyone has already caught on this amazing and the opportunity as well with the program is that we get to accept more people into the program. Because if you look at our programs right now, we’re kind of restricted in terms of how many people can do what. We’re also looking for people that want to generate and create content as well.

So if you are a Twitter influencer, you want to come in, you can join. If you’re a Shiller, like I noticed some people that shout up Vadra once again, they kill it on the Shilling. And shout out to all the superfans and all the people that are not super fans yet that are actually doing all this amazing stuff and doing this amazing work for us. Join the program. It’ll be amazing simply, and you get rewarded for doing all the amazing stuff you already do. And we really want to thank you for that already, even though you’re not, you get to reward indirectly, but we want to start rewarding you directly for the stuff that you do for us. If it wasn’t for you guys, once again, we wouldn’t be able to be.

So the ambassador program is to roll everything into one. If you fall into one of the categories that we’ve mentioned, go ahead and share with us. If you do something else that we just don’t know about, also reach out to Emmanuel or Yvonne, tell them what you do, show them what sir, what value you can provide to that. And we’ll definitely see, how we can potentially work you guys into it. So that’s amazing on that point.

Exchange Listing

Shane: This is a question we’ve gotten a lot, exchange listing, so I’m trying to spend some bad news. The exchange that we have been speaking to two exchanges for over two months. Our conversations are kind of like on pause right now. We’ve been speaking to and we’ve been speaking to Huobi.

Um, both of them have gotten back to us and they said that they want to wait and to see how the community develops. So they are postponed our potential listing into early 2022. So this is the explanation both of them actually gave us. They said that our community is good. Our project looks interesting, but it needs to watch us when the next period over the next couple of months to see how we evolve and how we develop.

But these these two listings are still on the table. They are not no’s. They’re postponed until January. What we would like to ask from the community though, is if possible, to continue to keep pushing continues, to help us to keep building. I possible just reach out to them directly. Like I just don’t even, don’t tell them I sent you though. Tweet at Huobi global and ell them to stop joking around and get this listed.

But on our side, as you can see we are still rolling and pushing the ball up the hill up until we get to the top and see it rolled down a bit. So we’re still doing that work. We’re still developing programs, still developing products. So you don’t have to worry.

You’re just going to have a few, you’re just going to continue to have a small number of places where you can buy us, buy $KIAN for now, or soon to be $PORTA, but we’re working on expanding that we’re going to open new conversations with other people to see how that goes.

And then we’ll get back to you. As soon as that opportunity arises once again, we’re going to let you guys know, and we’re going to list that give you those extra places to buy your tokens and to continue to help support us, to continue help us build. Really appreciate you guys in the community.

Yvonne: Okay. We had the guessing game and about, I think it was last week or the previous week for those who participated. So there were the right exchanges, and Huobi so for those who guessed correctly. Yeah. I be announcing there is. So I, we participated to all of the print messages. Don’t go vote now it’s already closed.

Emmanuel: absolutely. And, and the good thing is, is that, you know, with our relay chain coming out with mainnet literally around the corner as well. That’s going to help us get even more partnerships. So I know myself when Shane, we’ve been reaching out to people and we are going to continue to reach out to people and build those partnerships.I know someone has mentioned Porta staking, so we’ve already put our heads together about potential. People want to work with that, just to remind people, we do have a stake in partnership with Huobi pool. When Porta goes live. We will be able to stake in Porta essentially.

Um, so these, this all partnerships we’re looking to establish over the next couple of months. So definitely watch this space as we look to put up ecosystem as a connector, more chains up.

Emmanuel: just a couple of things on staking. Cause I know a few people have asked a couple additional questions. I think you made sense for us to address now, like someone mentioned that is, is the APRs fixed? yes they are. They are fixed essentially. So the different ports have different APRs. There’ll be fixed all their duration. Just so you’re aware there’s a minimum lockup period for each pool, please be aware of that minimum lockup period. So once you pass the minimum lockout periods, you can unstake any time you want.

If anyone needs any more information about how the, how to guides, um, the link is in the pinned messages, in the main chat, but also in a new chart as well.

You’re able to see the announcement posts that breaks out exactly what steps you need to take to access staking, to participate in staking as well. Um, but yeah, I’m excited for everyone to hope. Everyone’s well ready and excited and ready to push the button. I haven’t about three minutes time.

Q and A

1. Can I withdraw my minimum rewards everyday?

Yes, at 6:00 PM you can withdraw your rewards every day. You can withdraw every day and restake your reward if you want to.

2. Is there a possibility to increase the minimum lockup for each pool?

At this point, no, once it’s deployed is deployed. If we create another pool, like, let’s say we get all these pools filled up, we’re going to create another pool and we’re going to extend the lockups.

3. Concerning exchange listings. Does that mean we are not having any listing this quarter

The really depends. We don’t want to list on any random exchange. We once exist on a list on some quality changes. We have had some offers from some smaller exchanges, but we just don’t believe that it’s going to help the community. That’s not particularly helping us, or that’s difficult for some users to work with. So we just feel like it’s better to avoid those and target exchanges that we know that our community would use. And that would be beneficial for them. Otherwise, we’re just stay with working what we have for now.

4. Do I need BNB to stake?

Yeah, you do need BNB coins to stake.

5. Why is, what is the staking for trust wallet

Oh, we just didn’t code for trust wallet. We, we know that metamask is usually the most used wallet, like, so we didn’t code it for trustwallet.

6. Aside you Shane, uh, Emmanuel and Yvonne do we have any developers, would like to meet or know them?

Our full team is on our website including 2 more developers Siamak and Robert Marshall.

Staking related queries are answered here

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