Community Conversations Recap: 20th January 2022

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6 min readJan 27, 2022

We held our first community conversations in the year 2022 on 20th January. The following was discussed:

CEO Updates


“…I hope you all enjoyed the holiday period and the new year. We have come so far…”

Staking updates

“…I know some people haven’t received their rewards yet. We really apologize about that. This seems to be an issue with the claim function, which is causing it to extend the period of withdrawal. As opposed to having everyone try to withdraw out to logins and then end up staking for another couple of weeks, we decided to just close out that function and then distribute the tokens ourselves to make sure everyone gets those tokens in a timely manner.

If you haven’t received your tokens yet for staking in pool three and two, reach out to Emmanuel or Yvonne DM your address, and we’re working on the distribution to you. Apologies again. We’re going to try and be more efficient. We’re going to learn from this current period of what exactly happened there and try to be more efficient to pool three, to make sure everyone gets those tokens as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. We just hope that you continue to enjoy, enjoy your experience reports and continue to work with us…”

Testnet Update

“… The Testnet is live currently. We have opened it up to the wider community. I mean, it’s already been launched, but now everyone can go ahead and set up a node. We’ll definitely be sharing this on our technical discord. I don’t know if there are many technical people here, but you can know what set up your nodes. So right now you can go over to docs and reports on that to work and find documentation files to get your own, your own relay tests in that note. The idea is that we’re giving a whole different structure to allow projects to join on time…”


“…Now that the relay chain testnet is launched. So what we’re currently working on is creating a system for the parachains allowing other projects to integrate with our relay chain.

So what we mean by that is as opposed to having to go through a whole auction period as you would on polkadot Kusama, we’re creating a solution where these projects can just come in and connect directly to our chain in, it should be 15 minutes to an hour.

So they will set up then that’s where the pass the ID over to the porta station, because we’re going to come up towards the station and they’re going to dock that parachain over to us and then once they connect that dock, we just come in and we validate and the chain will fully be running on our network.

So we’re trying to make it as simple and as fast as possible as opposed to going through a whole auction period, which has its advantages and its disadvantages. We have a competitive advantage where that is concerned, or at least a strong incentive for projects to run, to be able to build and develop with us.

So that’s what we’re working on right now on the technical side, we’re going to be releasing documentation and hopefully a video around that in the next coming weeks in documentation will probably come before the video. And with that said, we’re going to be working on partnerships. So we’re contacting a number of power chain projects currently trying to see if we can get them to connect with the chain.

We are, it’s more of a process of explaining what makes us different than what potentially gives us an advantage around that. So we believe that speed efficiency and so on is one of our primary advantages. You don’t have to wait six months. You don’t have to go to an auction period. You just get your slot when you need it.

And that’s what we’re going to be going for. That’s an empowered chain set, and we’re also working on smart contract protocols and pallets protocol partnerships, pallet partnerships, and the sense that we’re looking for smart contract solutions that will be able to integrate with our sector specific chains.

So for example, if we partner with an Oracle project, they will be able to integrate with our defy chain or potentially potential NFT chain. If we have open market pricing for NFTs and so on and so forth. So we’re looking for projects like that. And when we want them to build directly into the sector, specific chains, meaning potentially we have a pallet that works, that makes them NFT’s more efficient than our pirate chain, or we have protocols that make defy more efficient or actually a whole protocol built out on our defy specific para chain and so on.

So that’s the partnerships that we’re working on right now. And we’re looking at closing up a few of those. And once that’s done, just continuing to build out the full ecosystem. Of porta to encourage and give people more projects and more products to work with in the porta network.

So that’s our focus right now since we have that channel and we’re also building para chains. So we’re planning to start with NFT parachain first, which everyone already knows that’s still there, but we’re focused on building up the ecosystem to add more value to you as a community. And to give you more products and projects to be able to interact with and to increase the value of Porta and of the community itself.

So that’s our focus for the next quarter, of course, naturally getting to mainnet as well, and then the conversion event, but this is where this is where we believe we’re going to add value to the community where we’re going to add value to you and to the project itself and to other projects as well…”

Marketing Update

“…Have a happy new year, everyone. We’re kicking off 2022 with the relay chain test that is launching to the wider community. So I know the community has been asking about being able to participate.

So the docs are ready. We’ll be distributing that and sharing with as many people as possible. We are also doing a number of initiatives to engage you all in the community, wherever you reside on telegram, Twitter, discord, Reddit, YouTube, we’ve got a number of initiatives coming up.

So the first thing for sure is we’re going to do regular airdrops to the community to award people who have supported, but also share the love with some of the new people, joining our community as well. So we will do it regularly, on a monthly basis with the community. So do keep an eye out for that will be coming real, real soon.

As well as other initiatives to kind of engage your community around stuff, to help promote the projects a lot more. So stuff around engaging on coin gecko, coin market cap, as well as other initiatives of vote to kind of engage the project with. Now that we’ve started in a year, we want to start the year strong and get to more people.

Following on from the success of the ambassador programs are really happy with the cohort of ambassadors we have. The team is going to review the applicants that have come through and from there we’ll be looking to add some more ambassadors to cover some of the key pillars we want to focus on. So if you are a content creator, a community manager and your own telegram, a product tester, who wants to kind of get involved in some of the interesting products we’ve got coming out over the next quarter or so. So those are the three pillars that are forming the foundation of our Porta ambassador program. So we forward to expand that group and work closely, as we, you know, we do the relay chain test nets, we’ve got the mainnet coming and a few other things down the road as well, which we really look forward to.

So those are the market’s initiatives, at least in the next couple of days, couple of weeks and months to definitely look forward to. That is expanding the community, keeping you guys interested and engaged around a project whilst also expanding more people to add into the community and also engaging with the ambassador program to kind of spread the word globally as well.

I really do appreciate you guys’ support and feedback as well. Um, so definitely looking forward to kicking 2022 in the right manner. That’s that’s marketing in a nutshell for the next couple of weeks and months…”



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