Community Conversations Recap: 16th September 2021

On Thursday 16th September 2021, we hosted our Bimonthly Community Chat on Telegram. The key discussions from the live included:

  • Ecosystem Grants

As always, 3 lucky winners walked away with 500 $KIAN tokens each. Here is a recap of the conversation.

Emmanuel’s update

  1. Ecosystem grant

Our ecosystem grants are really to help anyone who’s looking to connect their Rust built project to our blockchain or build on our blockchain as well.

Essentially that is a bit of funding to help some of these projects, at least at an early stage, get the funding they need to get going. There are two main grants: One grant is about10,000 USDT and the other grant is up to 15,000 USDT and then we’re looking to give out a total of 60,000 USDT to all the different applicants who have applied for the program. The deadline for applications is on the 19th of September.

2. Meme Contest

We’re looking for really interesting, intriguing memes, family-friendly, friendly please. We’re running a meme contest that’s ending on the 22nd of September. We are looking to give out rewards for that as well. So all the information on that can be found on the announcement channel and recently posted in the telegram group as well.

3. Staking

I know quite a few of you are within this chat and also within the community have been asking about staking. We are still on track and shooting for the end of September. We will be putting out more information on how you can participate and support the ecosystem, um, by staking your $KIAN tokens. More promotional activity information on that will be shared, um, over the next two weeks.

4. NFT Portanaut collection

For our NFT marketplace. We want to make sure we do it right, more importantly, we want to make sure we’re bringing a new experience to the NFT marketplace while having NFTs by amazing creatives and artists, and obviously giving collectors the opportunity to collect or display their collection as well. We are basically putting some ideas together of which artists we’re going to collaborate with to produce our first collection, which funny enough, will be called Portanauts.

We want to make sure we are working with the right artists to bring that to life. Not only for collectors, but also rewarding some good, positive community behavior with some of those exclusive Portanauts.

We are also thinking about a community hub for NFT related to porta where we will house a separate community, just so that everyone could dive a little bit deeper into the space and share tips, ideas and all that good stuff.

5. Airdrops

Airdrops are coming. We will share more information on that from next week. So do keep your eyes on the announcement channel and the main telegram group.

CEO Update

  1. NFT

We’re building our own NFT pallet in house for our Substrate project. The reason we chose to go with an in house solution is because. We believe that we want to add the most possible value for our end users. And so we believe that there are some things that could be added to an NFT that will make it more valuable, certain extra features like history, for example, or actually holding the asset within the NFT, as opposed to putting up IPFS or maybe have an IPFS structure, slightly different ensure that there was no possibility of compromise. We hope to integrate that into the Testnet. We’ll see how that goes because the Testnet process is still out there and it’s still going on strong.

So the Portanaut collection is going to be pretty interesting. We are basing it on the idea of space.

2. Staking

Staking platform, as Emmanuel said is in development, we’ve heard you, we know that you want staking. We know that you want something to do with your tokens up until we finally get the porta network up and running. So we’re doing that for you.

3. Meme Contest

Everyone loves a good meme. So bring your best. As Emmanuel said, we’re going to try and keep it PG.

Q and A

How long will the testnet continue?

The Testnet is going to remain up and running up until we’re ready to go to Mainnet. Q4 is our target.

How can I become a Superfan?

The Beta program we have an application form that I can post here. For the Super Fan program, we observe the most active members of the community and it's a means of awarding them for their support.

I’m fine with the installation, but please update the web sockets tutorial, which is suitable for all the VPS users and also update in the porta website.

Please join our discord to inquire about this from the dev team. To join our discord please click here

I would like to find out more in the future plans for testnet, how we need to go in the future, that there are any plans to expand the number of validators, et cetera. Just need a small testnet roadmap

In terms of, if we’re going to expand the number of validators, as of right now, the network is pretty stable. So we’re running our tests on that network. We don’t have any immediate plans to expand or to increase it to a large number. We are considering it, it is a conversation we’re having within the team right now on whether we should increase it or how much we should increase it to. But I don’t want to give a confirmation at this particular time. We’re also trying to determine the usefulness of having like a 900 person network. And then also, will that be enough? Will all the nodes be up to par that the network would still be running properly .

Cause it’s running pretty smoothly right now. Cause we have the options for it to run smoothly. But if we increase it to 900 and then everyone is in doubt and they’re not performing as well, so we’re also trying to avoid those types of problems. So we might increase it to see what’s the max maximum with the best performance.

Do you work on partnerships with other projects and mainstream exchanges like

We do have one in place that’s related to staking, but I don’t think I can talk about that one yet. And I will obviously come out a little bit later on once we get staken implemented. We obviously know that we need to establish a few more Partnerships, we do have to realize that you can’t always get the bigger brands immediately. We have to build up momentum towards that, and that’s what we’ve done with our Testnet and, you know, the growth of our validators and looking forward to staking and NFTs and beyond that. This will definitely help us in terms of establishing even more partnerships. We are working on a list of partnerships, in terms of people we want to have conversations with. As we get closer towards the end of the year. There’ll be a few more partnerships we’ll be able to announce.

And what about the ambassador program?

We currently have the superfan and beta portals which anyone can join. We are still working on the specifics of the ambassador program which we will share details when ready. With the ambassador program we want to make sure that we have enough product in place to make it, to make it easier for people to like, you know, talk about the great things about the network. so that’s why we want to target after the next serious product release, aiming towards mainnet.

We want to make sure that the ambassadors are definitely global and from different regions, as well as we try to expand the network and get more people involved in the project as well.

more and more details will be shared on that, uh, in Q4, which is coming up. So yeah, keep your eye up for that one.

In addition to managing the node, memes, how else can we take part in the tests? For example, maybe something related to NTF?

Stay tuned. We have, we launch check activities here every now and then. This is the first place or, and our social media. And also I’d say if you have an idea of an activity that you want to propose to us, feel free to reach out to either of the people with the admin tag. You can reach out to us and give us your suggestions and you can grow together as a community.

If it’s to review the NFT collection, we have a beta program based program members. They’ll probably be doing that review for us. If you’d like to be able to do something like that or get involved, apply to our beta program and we’ll be happy to run new activities with you.

Is the to be launched staking platform internally developed or a third party?

Primarily the team and an external contractor

How secure is the staking platform? Any security audits conducted?

There haven’t been any security audits done just yet. We are going to be taking most precautions that we can fit into the timeframe. And of course, we know that everyone’s tokens are important. We will be taking all the necessary precautions in terms of security for the staking platform. Also, there is quite a backlog across the whole industry when it comes to auditors, as there is a boom in projects that need to be audited, but like there’s only so few really good auditor’s out there. So we want to make sure we launch it and then come back to get that security in place for everyone.

Does the increase in the stack of rewards have any effect on validation? Or doesn’t it make sense?

Staking and validators programs are handled separately. If you’re part of the validators program on Testnet anything that will be affected will be specific to the Testnet. It won’t have anything to do with what’s happening on the staking platform.

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