Community AMA Recap: July 2021

Update from the Porta Team

Questions from the Community

Q1: With the global financial crisis in mind, do you think there’s a danger that crypto investors are becoming more and more exposed to derivative products whose mechanisms are becoming more and more convoluted? For example, with PORTA, you could create a “batch” index token that tracks a number of individual “batches” and so on?

Q2: Jonah assumes that our blockchain explorer will only support Porta. Is it in beta soon? Is it available on online to try out?

Q3: Does the project support staking?

Q4: Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain,what ways can Porta generate profits and revenue? What is the income model?

Q5: Can you highlight the decentralized aspects of your technology?

Q6: Cardano has just been a lot of time getting small contracts. It has been stalling development for a big portion of that project. Is smart contracts high on Porta’s product development list, or will it take years?

Q7: On your website, you show in Q3 that you’ll make partnerships in the most relevant parties, to streghthen Porta, but could you tell us what kind of partnerships that we will seek? Do you have already have some projects in which you’ve made associations?

Q8: Do you have any plans integrating the project with NFTs? Would there be options to do staking or yield farming in the future?

Q9: What strategy will you implement to bring non crypto natives into your ecosystem? Do you keep a balance between developing technology and also improving the value of your token?

Q10: What will be the flagship application of Porta?

Q11: What plans does Porta have to educate, raise awareness and launch community intiatives so that more people can understand the project easily?

Q12: Currently, there are many projects springing up like mushrooms with bold ideas but still fail — why would Porta succeed?

Q13: If you have your own blockchain, we got a token standard name in mind, like ease ERC-20 for Ethereum? Will the Porta Wallet function as kind of a dex or will we provide a temporary DEX until someone else builds a DEX for Porta?

Q14: Tell us what the main role of your coin in ecosystem, you know, is it utilities or a few cases? Why should people invest in your coin for the long term?

Q15: Recently many hackers have been able to break into crypto security systems and also have lost a lot of data. How is the Porta’s security system and how can Porta ensure the security of investors’ data from hackers?

Q16: How many tokens are issued by Porta or what guarantees that inflation does not incur?

Q17: What are your plans in place for global expansion for Porta? Is it focusing on one market at a time or focusing on building and getting costumers users or partnerships?

Q18: Will there be any privileges on your platform for developers or users?

Q19: What project out there has impressed you the most within the crypto space and what other projects would Porta like to take a similar path in terms of their?

Q20: Currently on the DeFi market is becoming a trend, a focus for investors and a boom for DeFi. First of all, what do you think about this? And how would Porta to compete with other DeFi projects that have specific differences?

Q21: What problems do you see in a blockchain environment that we can prevent from growing and what are you going to.

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