AMA Recap — Porta Ecosystem Grants

On 19th August, the team conducted an AMA on the new Ecosystem Grants with the community on Telegram. Here is a recap of the conversation.

Emmanuel Aremu: [00:02:17] Welcome everyone. It has been quite a busy week on the Porta front. We’ve launched validator awards for people who are running a node on Padlock, our Testnet.

As well as today, we launched Ecosystem Grants, which is supporting Rust developers who are building apps on our blockchain or connecting their apps built with Rust to our to a blockchain as well.

Shane Benjamin: [00:03:28] Yeah, definitely. Ecosystem Grant are to reward people for coming and joining the network and expand the Porta Network. For all those people that are developers or that are interested in the project and want to see the project grow and flourish, this is an opportunity for them to help us out as well while being compensated for that help.

Developers that are looking to build something to get those traditional products out and in the Porta ecosystem. So that’d be, whether it be DeFi, whether it would be NFTs, something completely different and less mainstream, like social media applications or decentralized organizations.

These are the types of products and projects that we want to see built on Porta because our goal at the end of the day — we want to create a platform for developers. That helps the conversion from web2 to web3.

I try to compare the traditional blockchain platforms that we know that are really big right now, like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and so on.

If you look at these types of blockchains, they create the blockchain and then the community builds every little piece around it. Right? And because of that, they end up having siloed projects. When you try to build something or you’re trying to build a few products, interacts with each other is very difficult because you have a whole of different, different ecosystems trying to work together.

That’s where we come in with Porta. We build the groundwork for developers to come in and build.

As your project integrates with the other Porta products, and also to be able to integrate with other projects that are built on the Porta platform, because they all use the same base.

Emmanuel: [00:09:34] It’s interesting stuff going on there, like just to echo what you’re saying. It’s a case of really, making sure that we’re giving people the tools.

Also giving them valuable, extra funding to like, especially at an early stage.

Shane: [00:10:36] It’s been pretty, pretty moving pretty well. I try to be realistic. I really did not expect such a large turnout to get, um, 125 new developers to sign up within the first 48 hours for validator rewards. I really felt happy about that. I hope the community also feels happy about that because it’s thanks to you.

Thanks to you all that we’re able to be here, thank you for joining and thank you for understanding as we push our vision.

I believe ask the question. Is it possible to fork projects from Solana onto Porta since both use Rust? I’m not sure how complex it would be to support that, since we’re using Ink and Solana probably has their own smart contract platform, but since they are both in rust, that could be some similarities and overlap.

Some of the products that we are going to definitely get into is NFTs and NFT marketplace is something that we have in mind. And then we have two DeFi projects.

We always looking for feedback. So if there’s anyone in the chat or anyone in a group that has anything they want to share, feel free to do that as well.

Emmanuel: [00:13:55] Here is another question — What is the application process? We are launched today, the application deadline is 19th September. We will announce 2–4 winners of the grants of the 10,000 $USDT and $15,000 USDT grants. The process is a short interview with the project leaders to understand what they’re doing and obviously what their goals are.

If you’re interested, or you know, anyone who’s a Rust developer, apply here.

Shane: [00:17:32] I think it’s important to reward people for that help because. There’s no Porta blockchain without the community. People don’t buy your product. People buy a product a feeling.

The feeling that what we try to do at Porta is to create a feeling of inclusivity that you feel welcomed in our community, that you feel like you’re a part of our team that you feel.

That’s why we, that’s why we have so many other programs like our Super-Fans program. That’s being run by Yvonne. And our Beta program. That’s also being handled by Emmanuel.

Emmanuel: [00:21:05] in terms of NFT is space is pretty fascinating. Robert has done some tremendous work on fractional ownership of NFTs. I think that’d be really interesting. We want to be able to give people the option to participate in of the NFT marketplace. As well as collaborating with artists creating amazing art.

It would be good to bring that to the forefront and, allow people to create an NFTs and own a bit of culture. NFTs are really a blank canvas and we kind of see them as a gateway to web3 for everyone.

Shane: [00:23:17] Is asks a question, which I think is probably a great question. What do you think about a launchpad?

Shane: [00:23:51] We’re going to try and pick up a lot of strong decentralized applications. We can only do that if more people support the project.

Right? So on that side, I would definitely ask the community to keep working, keep pushing.

Shane: [00:26:54] We do plan to get some more investors and some more exchanges but don’t worry. This is all in the pipeline. We’re working on it. We’re a pretty small team, even though we’ve done a lot of stuff over the last three months, which I’m really proud of the team for.

We managed to launch testnet and launch all of these different programs. And we have this stuff in the pipeline just haven’t got gotten out yet, but they’re ready to go.

We believe that once we have the staking platform up, that’s going to be drive more awareness.

Another question: when is there going to be more PR? Will the next listing be before mainnet that start as a next. What about the $PORTA? These are good questions. Well definitely Binance would be nice. We’ll see how we can get that done. We’re working towards that. We’re building.

So maybe we’ll launch in a Canary mode and then see how that goes and build it out.

Right now we have the roadmap sets out to have mainnet launched in Q4 2021.

Shane: [00:31:00] It’s only been a week since we’ve launched Testnet, but now that has given us a point of validity to the people that we’re speaking to.

We weren’t putting out a lot of content. We weren’t putting out a lot of posts. We weren’t doing a lot of marketing, but we just didn’t want to be that company that was driving hype with no product. And we didn’t want to go, go ahead and spread through all of the capital, just doing marketing and then not be able to deliver on our products.

We’re working hard on building for you all. And we believe that our commitment over the long-term will add value to everyone in the community. And we’re legitimately trying to compete with some of the bigger projects with the bigger budget and the big backend.

We’ve raised less money than a lot of the bigger projects out there, but we’re still trying to compete on a higher level. And the only way we can do that is to just put our head down, push and, and trust that the community will see what we’re doing and that, and just believe in a project. And that’s really what we’re trying to do.

We really try to be transparent with the community. You all are the most important thing to this project, over the technology and over everything else that we’re working on and partnerships and so on without you all, we wouldn’t be able to be here. So yeah. Thank you as well for being a part of the community.

Emmanuel: [00:33:23] Yeah, massive, massive shout out to Yvonne. Yvonne has been amazing.

Shane: [00:33:48] 100%. Thank you, Yvonne. She’s like the heart the Telegram community.

Shane: [00:44:30] We’re going to just close up here now, so thank you all for coming. We really appreciate it. Thanks for spending some time. Thanks for the questions and everything. Great stuff. Thanks. Bye-bye.




Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.

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Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.

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