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Porta makes blockchain products accessible to everyone.

We are excited to announce the winners of the Porta Network Meme Contest.

We would like to thank all of you for participating in our first meme contest. The submissions were great and the Porta Network team had a really difficult time ranking the memes as they were funny, creative, and on point!

You have left us in awe of your skills and passion and showed great zeal and enthusiasm.

Following an excited and intense discussion among the team, we are now ready to introduce our 5 best meme contestants who will each receive 500 $KIAN. 🤑

Winner 1

Twitter Meme URL…

On Thursday 16th September 2021, we hosted our Bimonthly Community Chat on Telegram. The key discussions from the live included:

  • Ecosystem Grants
  • Meme Contest
  • Staking Staking Staking
  • NFT Portanaut collection
  • Airdrops

As always, 3 lucky winners walked away with 500 $KIAN tokens each. Here is a recap of the conversation.

Emmanuel’s update

  1. Ecosystem grant

Our ecosystem grants are really to help anyone who’s looking to connect their Rust built project to our blockchain or build on our blockchain as well.

Essentially that is a bit of funding to help some of these projects, at least at an early stage, get…

We are kicking off airdrops to reward the community for supporting the project.

Simply click here to see how to participate in the airdrop! You must submit via the link to qualify for the airdrop.


  • 💰 12,500 $KIAN
  • 🏆 250 winners
  • 🗓️ Ends 30th September 11 AM UTC / 12 PM BST


Good luck!

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We are excited to announce that we have joined Huobi’s Staking Program and Huobi will be participating in our testnet.

Huobi is a leading crypto exchange that manages billions of dollars (at the time of writing, $8.56 billion in 24-hour trading volume) of crypto transactions every day on a global basis. Huobi is wholly dedicated to providing safe and trustworthy services to its tens of millions of users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Validators are special nodes responsible for the provision of infrastructure as well as validating new blocks and appending them to the blockchain…

On Thursday 2nd September 2021, we hosted our Bimonthly Community Chat on Telegram. The key discussions from the lie included:

  • Validator Rewards
  • Growth of Community
  • Porta BlockChain
  • Others

As always, 3 lucky winners walked away with 500 $KIAN tokens each. Here is a recap of the conversation.

Emmanuel’s Update


We have about 400 people on a waiting list to become validators. So we are experiencing quite a stellar growth when it comes to people spending on the network. Obviously that’s really good for us. It’s really impressive.

Ecosystem Grants. So ecosystem grants are basically between two to four grant awards. So…

We are thrilled to have you take part in our meme contest and would like to reward the creativity in our community through your participation.

🏆 Reward

The Best 5 will share the prize pool of 2500 worth of $KIAN.

⏰ Contest Duration

Sept 16th 12:00 BST ~ Sept 22nd 23:00 BST

❗❗ Meme Requirements, Terms & Conditions

🚀 All users are welcome to participate in the event.

🎨 Your creations can be in the form of graphics, GIFs, video clips, or whatever you think will get others pumped about Porta Network. The meme must be unique and funny.

Note: Do not use the images of other projects, No NSFW memes…

First off, we would like to start by saying, thank you all!

For not only signing up to become a validator on Padlock, but also for sharing the rewards program. The team has been blown away, we really appreciate your interest and enthusiasm in the project.

The project has experienced:

  • Validators growth from an initial 50 to 400 in less than 48 hours — a 700% increase
  • At the time of writing, another 530+ validators are on the waiting list
  • 0 to 1450+ members joined the Discord

Validator Rewards Distribution

Padlock validator rewards will be released on the following Monday.

For example, if…

On 19th August, the team conducted an AMA on the new Ecosystem Grants with the community on Telegram. Here is a recap of the conversation.

Emmanuel Aremu: [00:02:17] Welcome everyone. It has been quite a busy week on the Porta front. We’ve launched validator awards for people who are running a node on Padlock, our Testnet.

As well as today, we launched Ecosystem Grants, which is supporting Rust developers who are building apps on our blockchain or connecting their apps built with Rust to our to a blockchain as well.

Shane Benjamin: [00:03:28] Yeah, definitely. Ecosystem Grant are to reward…

This guide offers eight steps to get started on Padlock, our testnet.

1. How to connect to Padlock

Open a web browser and enter the following address:

You are now on the Porta blockchain: Padlock.

2. [Update] Use the Testnet Faucet to Get Testnet Tokens

You can use the Testnet Faucet to get testnet tokens. Simply enter your testnet account address and the tokens will be sent to you.

3. How to create your own cryptocurrency

An asset is a cryptocurrency tradable on the Porta blockchain.

A frequent question we normally get is “Can I create my own cryptocurrency on the Porta blockchain?”

Yes, and this tutorial shows you how!

Requirement: To create a new token, your Porta account must hold…

On 12th August 2021, we conducted an AMA for the launch of our Testnet, Padlock.

Shane Benjamin: [00:03:33] We’re super excited today, as we launch Padlock, the first version of our Testnet have been working on this for awhile. We have a number of features that are already properly integrated.

If you’re a developer, we’ll really be happy to have you join us and get involved. I think I’ll just take this moment to also talk about our Ecosystem Grant program.

Now the Testnet is launched. We will jump into some of the questions.

Nora was asking about the NFT…

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